OsciPrime – An Open Source Android Oscilloscope, new release

Today, it is my pleasure to announce the release of our all new open source Android application of the OsciPrime Oscilloscope. We worked eagerly to bring a large amount of requested and desired features to our Android application, and guess what, it is all Open Source.

OsciPrime Oscilloscope

With the new release we also announced that we are in the process of making our hardware board available for ordering. Check all news out on our product website www.osciprime.com.

Features and improvements of the new application are:

=> Mutlitouch Interface
=> Control Interleave, Attenuation, Offset, Zoom, etc.
=> Using the new Android USB API for communication with the hardware board
=> Neat new User Interface, as modular as possible
=> Improved processing performance for both Audio and USB

Screenshot of the OsciPrime Android App

If you want to support our open source development and always receive the newest version of the scope, then consider purchasing our application from the Android Market here.

If you want to meet us and find out more about the project, then join us on the 10. of July 2012 at the Libre Software Meeting in Geneva, where we are going to present our Open Source Project.

Head over to our OsciPrime Website to catch the latest source code and APK. here.

We are eager to hear your thoughts and improvements of the applications in the comments section.

OsciPrime Website
OsciPrime Android Market Site
OsciPrime Source Code

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