Honeycomb Tablet optimized version of the Android Oscilloscope

The ultimate goal of our Bachelors Thesis one year ago was to deliver a “market-ready” version of our oscilloscope project where you can just install an app from the market and connect the oscilloscope over USB.

Before the “Tablet Age” our idea was to set up the OTG port of a phone for host mode. However, this requires rooting the phone as well as adding a voltage supply to the connector. Not a very elegant solution.

When the first tablets with honeycomb arrived (3.0) we managed to use the host port on a rooted device to get our oscilloscope working. Still, root was required.

With Honeycomb 3.1 it was not only possible to acquire permission of the USB device it also became possible to program USB with the Java API rather than to go native with libusb.

Therefore we have written a tablet optimized version of our oscilloscope. With the all new user interface comes the ability to connect to our USB oscilloscope. You can get the application from the Android Market with your 3.0 and up tablet. Get the source code: HoneyOsciPrime.tar.gz, or the APK HoneyOsciPrime.apk. You can always download our Layout Files here and build your own oscilloscope or contact us for support.

Acer A500 running OsciPrime
Screenshot of the new Honeycomb OsciPrime App

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  1. Great project. I’m interested to find out where you got the PCB done for the accompanying oscilloscope. It seems ideal for a test bench I want to setup at home. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work!

    1. Hey David!

      Thank you very much 🙂 We did the board at pcbpool in Germany … we populated the board ourselves with the components.


    1. Hi Ungi

      With the hardware front end we are sampling continuously at 6 Msps / channel at 8bit. this gives you a max resolution of a few microseconds per division.
      The max. input voltage is 16[V] (with a 10x probe).

      Please refer to the section “Chapter 8, Specification” in our Technical Report for more detailed information.

  2. Very cool project. Have you guys thought of selling kits? The PCB for the frontend is a tough one for hobby developers. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. i have an acer iconia A500 with icecream sandwitch on it. what will i have to do to use osciprime? i want to use it via usb port.

    1. Hi Shahadat,

      At the moment the only way for you to use the USB hardware is to build it your self. However, we have something in the works 🙂 I will get back to you as soon as we have some hardware ready 🙂

      all the best

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