Technical Report: Using Android in Industrial Automation

The title says it all, finally it is complete:
the long-awaited Technical Report of our project 😀
… which you can download from here

Using Android in Industrial Automation – Technical Report

This report aims to cover all important aspects when setting up an appropriate hardware and software platform for Android, and also leads the reader through our spectrum analyzer application development. On top of that, you will find a setup guide in the appendix, containing detailed instructions on how to build your Kernel and the Android root file system, and further information on how to make use of the DSP, etc. Although some chapters are not as detailed as others, we always try to provide you with a good starting point by leading you into the right direction. Also, dont be afraid of the length of this report since you should be able to pick only these chapters that are of most interest to you 😉

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  1. I’m evaluating a similar system setup with a BeagleBoard and an Arduino. So I’m impressed with your results. Congratulations! Have you been using a public repository for your code? Or would you consider making your source available on this website?

  2. Hi Geoff

    In fact we should have published our source a long time ago… However we did not have time yet to clean it up and make sure it is running fine out of the box.
    The semester just started and we will work on a publish in this week. If you want I can notify you as soon as we get all sources into shape 🙂


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  6. Hi,

    I just came across your article and I’m a little bit sceptical about using Android in industrial control.
    *) there are usually hard real-time requirements – as far as I understood you separate the deterministic stuff from the not so deterministic one (Android vs. DSP+USB frontend)
    *) Does Google want this? My understanding is that Google does not want to see Android used for anything else but where they can make money (phones, tables, set-top boxes,…)

    I’ll be talking at the Embedded World Conference 2012 about Linux vs. Android and would be really interested in your opinion.

    Maybe we can set up a conference call and have a little chat – also in German if you like.



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