Project Overview


During the last few weeks we have been putting together our platform. For an overview of what our platform and application looks like we have put together our Project Application site.  Also be sure to check out our guide for “Debugging Android Applications on the Beagle Board with Eclipse” on our Development Guide.

In the following weeks we are going to brush up our Development Guide and give detailed information about Kernel and Root File System as well as further application porting (i.e. libusb). We also have gathered lots of information about how to work with AIDL for Services and JNI without Androids’ NDK. So stay tuned for fully packed guides and updates.

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  1. Really nice blog! But I don’t get one thing: why does the Android Logo like a Trash Can? Will this logo be fixed with Android 2.0?
    I need an answer – FAST!

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